Hassei, Okonomiyaki specialist in Hiroshima

Have you ever tried Okonomiyaki before? Have you ever heard about it? In case you haven’t, I will explain you a little bit about this awesome Japanese dish.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pancake containing several ingredients. This famous dish is mainly associated with Hiroshima area, but is widely available throughout the country and vary according to region.


I’m a big fan of pancakes and I think it’s pretty obvious I’m also a big fan of noodles, so the Okonomiyaki sounded like heaven to me! It’s usually made with yakisoba or udon noodles, and a variety of ingredients such as cabbage, bacon, egg or shrimps, all cooked together and slathered with an awesome brown sauce that is sweet and sour, to make it even more flavorful!

We enjoyed this dish at Hassei, a famous okonomiyaki restaurant where you can rub shoulders with the locals. The staff is incredibly friendly and you’ll find english menus (which is really nice as not every restaurant has english menus in Japan).

The servings are quite generous and satisfying, so I would recommend half-order if you don’t want to end up bursting (I love to eat and I eat a lot, but believe me, this was an incredible challenge).

This restaurant has some dining tables equipped with an iron griddle, so you can have the opportunity to cook the meal yourself! But don’t be scared, you’ll get the stages of cooking enumerated below. 

Years ago this restaurant was rated the number one in Hiroshima, and you’ll find its walls covered with the signatures and messages of satisfied customers (many of them famous).

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